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All of our subscriptions are built to provide a consistent presence to build brand awareness and traffic. Your banners will be seen by the worldwide readers of Olive OIl Times who are keenly interested in products and services like yours.

Dial down to your target audience

Geotarget your banner ads by country region or city, to reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently.

Prepare your artwork

If you subscribe to the Pro, Enterprise or Unlimited subscriptions, our design experts will create multiple versions of banners, monitor performance and make adjustments to maximize their effectiveness.

If you’re designing your own artwork, we recommend clean, uncluttered designs with very little text. and a straightforward message.

Displayed Size Artwork Required
Large Banner 1200x380 2400px x 560px
Medium Banner 336X380 672px x 560px

Draft your sponsored article

If you subscribe to the Enterprise or Unlimited subscriptions, you can send us an article on your company’s products or services, including images, contact form and links to your website. We’ll point your banners to the article to introduce even more readers to your unique story.

Monitor your campaign performance

You’ll be provided secure access to your campaign dashboard where you can track clickthroughs and conversions.

Make changes

We’ll switch your artwork out anytime you want to change your messaging or try a new approach. We want your campaign to succeed as much as you do.

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